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What does the term Visit Visa Mean?

Visa is a sticker or approval from the country you intend to travel to. There are different types of visas available for a variety of purposes ranging from a visit visa, to work, to a business visa, to a student, to a dependent visa. A visit visa allows you to visit a country for a certain number of days. You can either have a single entry visa or a multiple entry visa depending upon the issuing authority.

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How to get a visit visa?

Upon deciding the purpose of your visit, you can apply for a visit visa to the destination country. The application process for a visit visa can be completed online after taking a note of the required documentation. After all the documents have been collected and submitted online, an application fee must be paid. Some countries even require an in-person interview and a fingerprint scan to finish off the application process. Once you receive your visa approval, the approval sticker will be placed on your passport. It will include several details including your personal details and others such as the duration of visit, type of entry etc.

Visa requirements for all countries are different, hence you must decide which country you intend to visit, understand the visa requirements of the country, learn the rules and regulations of the country and proceed with the application.