How to study in Singapore?

Singapore’s education system is quite well-known around the world. From world-class education to a vibrant lifestyle and incredible career opportunities, the city has got it all. Apart from this Singapore is one of the safest countries to live and work. They have a great transport system that makes the cost of travel quite economical and fast. To learn how you can get into Singapore’s top-ranking universities, read below.

Which visa is applicable to study in Singapore?

A student pass permits international students to study in Singapore. International students who have been accepted into a Singapore university will receive an IPA or an In-Principle Approval which is equivalent to a visa that will allow students to enter Singapore. The university will apply for the student pass.

However, the student must register themselves with the ICA or the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority and enter their admission details into Student’s Pass Online Application & Registration System (SOLAR) to be eligible for the student pass. Upon receiving admission, students will enter Singapore using the IPA and complete the remaining procedures for obtaining the Student Pass while in the country.

What is the visa application process to study in Singapore?

What are the intakes in Singapore?

Singapore usually has August and February intakes. However, some courses or private universities may have other intakes as well.

What are some of the Top Ranking Universities in Singapore?

In 2022, the top-ranking universities in Singapore are

Am I allowed to work in Singapore with a student visa?

International students on a student pass can work 16 hours per work while studying in Singapore.